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ThUNDDAR is multi-disciplinary network of therapeutic ultrasound experts.  This page aims to provide a resource of  materials supporting interests in Therapy Ultrasound. 

What is Therapy Ultrasound?

Double Bubble: ‘How to use bubbles and droplets in medical diagnosis and therapy’

Lecture by our first ThUNDDAR visiting fellow J Brian Fowlkes

Stabilized microbubbles provide ultrasound contrast between vascular structures and other tissues is due to the high echogenicity of the bubbles and their nonlinear response.

Superheated perfluorocarbon droplets can also be used to produce bubbles in situ by ultrasound in a process termed acoustic droplet vaporization (ADV). These droplets can be used as vascular agents, made sufficiently small for extravascular delivery in tumor tissue or formulated for implants used in tissue engineering. In each case, formulation can include encapsulate drugs for local release.

Microbubbles can undergo stable and/or inertial cavitation resulting in physical effects to tissue such as enhanced heating or mechanical effects ranging from petechial hemorrhage to complete tissue emulsification, termed Histotripsy. This presentation will discuss the duality of microbubbles and droplet emulsions as diagnostic and therapeutic agents.