ThUNDDAR/THUGs 11th Dec 2019 Harrogate

”Call for contribution to the ThUNDDAR/THUGs day”

Deadline: October 31st 2019

Dear ThUNDDAR friends,

This is a first call for contributions to the ThUNDDAR/THUGs day at the BMUS meeting in Harrogate this year.  We are again combining with Carmel Moran’s ‘New technologies for clinical & pre-clinical research’ sessions, and so it should be a really exciting meeting.

Please can you return the attached form expressing your interest in attending this meeting to, and giving the title of the presentation you would like to give. We would like an abstract to follow, with a deadline of Oct 31st, submitted to This year we expect the abstracts to be made available to all BMUS attendees. This is our opportunity to inform the UK ultrasound community about what therapy ultrasound can do!!

Wady Gedroyc is giving an invited talk in the main meeting as well. Please remember, if you are the recipient of a ThuNDDAR pilot funding, you are expected to report on your work at this meeting.

Please contact ThUNDDAR ( if you would like further information, and see the attached application form.