A great scientific day was had by all at today’s BMUS satellite meetings of THUNDDAR

We’ve had a great day at THUGs meeting on Dec 7th. The exciting programme was as below

Chair : Constantin Coussios
Michael Gray, BUBBL, Oxford Speckle-free attenuation estimation and compensation with passive acoustic mapping
Piero Miloro


A disturbance-free device for the exposure of cells – preliminary study
Erasmia Lyka

BUBBL, Oxford

Time reversal based beamforming of a modular 3D HIFU array for targeting of intervertebral discs
Sarah Brueningk


Focused ultrasound mediated hyperthermia in vitro – design, optimization and calibration of an experimental set-up
Brian Chu

BUBBL, Oxford

Modelling large-volume hyperthermia in the liver for ultrasound-enhanced drug delivery from thermosensitive carriers
Sophie Morse


 Improved drug distribution to the brain in vivo using Rapid short-pulse (RaSP) sequences
12.50 – 13.40  LUNCH & BMUS Exhibition
Chair : Steven Freear
Gail ter Haar


ThUNDDAR – who, what & what next?
Constantin Coussios

BUBBL, Oxford

TARDOX: results of a Phase I 10-patient study of targeted drug delivery from thermosensitive liposomes by ultrasound-guided FUS-mediated hyperthermia
Julie McNairn


Investigation of the ability of gas-filled nanobubbles to deliver drug-mimics to the brain by disruption of the blood brain barrier using focused ultrasound
Steven Freear


Nonlinear Detection of Therapeutic Microbubbles with Ultrafast Plane-wave Imaging
Magda Abbas

BUBBL, Oxford

Patient Specific Models for Renal Ablation
Petros Mouratidis


Therapeutic ultrasound increases the infiltration of pancreatic tumours by CD8+ lymphocytes
Luke Richards

BUBBL, Oxford

Development of a device for large volume sonication of the brain
16.15  END of MEETING

Please come and join us next time. More information will be updated on THUNDDAR.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]