Professor Xiao Yun Xu

Imperial College, London


Professor Xiao Yun Xu is a Professor of Biofluid Mechanics in the Dept of Chemical Engineering.

Her research focuses on developing and using computational models to understand transport processes in biological systems. In addition to an extensive programme in cardiovascular haemodynamics, her research activities also include fluid flow and drug transport in solid tumours.

The multiphysics model developed by her group has been used to simulate HIFU activated thermo-sensitive liposome-mediated drug delivery, providing more insights into the spatiotemporal distribution of anticancer drugs and the effects of acoustic and drug dosing. Their multiscale model can be exploited to understand the microenvironment and heterogeneity of cancer as well as multidrug resistance, which will help develop novel therapeutic approaches achieving optimal efficacy.


Drug transport; tumour; mathematical modelling; focused ultrasound; multiscale model