Management Committee

Principal Investigator

Gail ter Haar is Team Leader in Therapeutic Ultrasound, within the Joint Department of Physics, Institute of Cancer Research.

Steven Freear is head of the ultrasound group at Leeds University which was formed in 2006, specialising in biomedical ultrasonics.


Wady Gedroyc is a radiologist who has been actively involved in research in MR guided FUS for the past 15 years at Imperial College, London

Nader Saffari is the Professor of Ultrasonics at UCL and the head of the Ultrasonics Group.

Eleanor Stride is a Professor of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford.

Steering Committee

Jean Francois Aubry is Director of Research at the Institut Langevin (Paris, France) and visiting Associate Professor at the University of Virginia, Department of Radiation Oncology.

Professor Nandita deSouza is the lead academic radiologist at The Institute of Cancer Research and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.

Brian Davidson is Professor of Surgery at UCL, as well as consultant surgeon at both the Royal Free and Wellington Hospital.

Trained as a physicist and an engineer, Prof. Roy specializes in the application of physical acoustics principles to problems in biomedical acoustics, industrial ultrasonics, and acoustical oceanography.


Dr David Sinden is a senior research scientist at NPL.

Professor Constantin Coussios is the Director of the Oxford Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

I am currently involved in different research projects on ultrasound safety, in-vitro acoustic stimulation of cells, tissue mimicking materials manufacturing and characterization and therapeutic ultrasound.

Robin Cleveland is a Professor of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford and his research is based at the Biomedical Ultrasound, Biotherapy and Biopharmaceuticals Laboratory (BUBBL) at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

Prof. Cochran’s research focuses on materials and systems to apply ultrasound principally in medicine and life sciences.

Valeria Garbin is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London.

Associate Professor of Surgery, Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, University of Oxford.

Jason Raymond is a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford.

Professor Xiao Yun Xu is a Professor of Biofluid Mechanics in the Dept of Chemical Engineering.

Maya Thanou is a Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, King’s College London.

Márcia Martinho Costa background is in biomedical and biophysics engineering

Justin specialises in the systemic management of a range of malignancies

I have been working in the field of ultrasonic device development since 1999

I completed a M.Sc. in Physics (Biophysics) at the Technische Universität München with the major focus of my courses in the field of bio-medical and soft matter physics

Tim Mason obtained a BSc and PhD in Chemistry from Southampton University and spent two years in the USA at Amherst College

Dr Carmel M Moran graduated in Maths and Physics from Queen’s University Belfast, MSc in Medical Physics from Aberdeen University and completed her PhD at the Institute of Cancer Research in Sutton, Surry in 1991

Dr. James Choi leads the Noninvasive Surgery & Biopsy Laboratory at Imperial College London

Bradley Treeby is an EPSRC Early Career Fellow at University College London, and co-author of the open-source k-Wave toolbox.

Petros is a cell biologist who is interested in the cytotoxic effects of therapeutic ultrasound on cancer

Sharon Giles is a qualified diagnostic radiographer with more than 10 years’ experience in magnetic resonance (MR) research projects.

Fiammetta Fedele is a Medical Physics specialised in both therapeutic and diagnostic Ultrasound

Georgios Imseeh is a research fellow in clinical oncology at the Royal Marsden Hospital

S. Lori Bridal is a Research Director in the French National Research Center (CNRS) at the Laboratory of Biomedical Imaging in Paris

Emma is a PhD student in the Oxford BUBBL group