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Establish and maintain a leading role for the UK research community in therapeutic ultrasound.
Clinicians are involved with the Network from the outset to ensure their direct input into defining a UK-wide strategy for research.
Early clinical application of outcomes leading to more efficacious treatments could produce significant cost-savings for the NHS.

Therapy Ultrasound Network for Drug Delivery & Ablation Research (ThUNDDAR)

ThUNDDAR is multi-disciplinary network of therapeutic ultrasound experts. Our aim is to promote clinical use of therapeutic ultrasound. Therapeutic ultrasound (ThUS) has enormous potential as a minimally invasive treatment modality with applications ranging from the treatment of cancer and stroke, to fracture healing and neuromodulation.  

What is Therapy Ultrasound?

ThUNDDAR's Objectives

  • Academic

    A leading role for the research community

  • Clinic

    Define strategy for research

  • Industry

    Early application leading to cost savings

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